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What makes RSForm!Pro so powerful?

GDPR Joomla forms

Create GDPR complaint contact forms

Firstly, let's understand what is GDPR? GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data.

How can RSForm!Pro help me with this?
RSForm!Pro has built-in all necessary features to create a GDPR compliant form. With RSForm!Pro you can add a explicit consent with Checkbox field when they submit your form, also you can allow the submitters to view or delete their submissions, you have possibility to not sore any submission information in database, you can choose to automatically delete submission after a period time. If you want more informations about this, read this article: how to create a GDPR compliant forms in Joomla.


Drag & Drop with Grid system

With the newest version of RSForm!Pro, you can create your own form layout using this Grid System interface without manually write the code.

This new feature gives you possibility to easily create responsive 1 - 4 column form layouts and unlimited rows you want and using drag and drop functionality you can easy move any field from your form.

Various responsive layouts

Our Joomla form builder extension offer you a possibility to choose from many layouts built-in on creating a form: Responsive, Bootstrap 2, 3 and 4, UIkit 2 and 3, Zurb Foundation.

All form fields are fully customizable, you won’t have to code anything to create a simple form.

Conditional logic fields

This Joomla Forms builder allows you implement Conditional logic fields. This feature allows you to hide/show fields or sections based on previous user selection.

Mapping submissions

If you will want to send all informations submitted throught your form to another database or insert a custom value to Joomla articles you can use Mapping feature. The mapping process can perform one of the following three MySQL actions: Insert, Update, Delete. So, for example, if a Insert method is used a new table row (record) will be created.

All fields necessary

Joomla Forms comes with a wide range of fields, which allow you to design different types of application forms.You can choose from more than 15 different field types to perform even the most complex tasks. 

Here are a part of fields: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Checkbox Group, Radio Group, Submit Button, Password, File Upload, Free text, Calendar, Date and Time Picker, Button, CAPTCHA Antispam, Hidden Field, Support Ticket, Pagebreak, Birthday Field, Google Map, Range Slider, Signature Field, Payment field.

Multi-language supporty

A multi-language form helps you reach a global audience much faster, as your forms be in how many languages you want. Our Joomla form builder have available 17 languages type: UK English, US English, Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. 


The submitted information can be exported into many popular file formats: CSV, XLS, OpenDocument Spreadsheet and XML. Submissions can also be individually converted into PDF files. 

RSForm!Pro gives you possibility to export your entire form and import again to another website if you are a developer and you don't wanna make test on live website.

Email system configuration

With RSForm! Pro, you can send custom emails to the users that submitted the form and you can notify admistrator when a user submitted your form.All these areas (User and Admin) are configured separately, that will give you more controll to the email notification system. 

What type of forms can be created

With this Joomla Form builder your can make everything you want, from the simple contact form to advanced calculation form ( order form ).

Simple page form

Check demo
Paypal payment form

View demo
Online Booking Form

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Multi page form

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Digital Signature Form

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Loan Quotation Form

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Dynamic form

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Advanced Grid Form

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Form sizing

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